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 Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules & Guidelines   Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:06 am

Rules & Guidelines

1, Registration
It is free to register on this site. You need to register to be able to post. The more posts you make the more features you will have access to on the forum.

2, Posting on the Forum
We have designed the forum so every question has a correct board. Please try and Post in the right board. If Admin or any of the moderators feel a post is in the wrong place it will be moved. Also, please post one thread per subject. Any duplicate threads shall be deleted, and please do not use red this is reserved for Admin.

3, This is a Family Forum
We strive to keep this forum suitable for all ages within reason. Please try to keep posts respectable. Crude posts will not be tolerated. Posts do not need to include profanity to be deemed as crude or crass.

4, Signature sizes
Please ensure your signature is no more than 200 pixels high. This can include images and/or text.

5, Going off topic:
Please try not to go of topic.

6, Abuse of other members
Abuse of any form will not be tolerated. Please treat other members with the respect you would expect from them. Be tolerant of other members views. If you see anything you are not happy please send a private message to an admin or moderator and they will deal with it.

7, Flaming
Posting in capitals is incredibly rude, and is bad etiquette. It is the "real world" equivalent of yelling and screaming. Please don't post in capitals.

8, Personal Details
Please don't post phone numbers, addresses etc on the forum, as anybody will be able to see them. Also, don't post other peoples details.

9, Advertising
Please don't post advertisements or Links on the forum just for the free space Any posts that advertise a product or service will be deleted if it's deemed as spam, in addition to this if the poster has no intentions of using the forum for any other purpose? ie not prepared to contribute to the forum by means of posting, then any form of advertisement will be removed to the BIN.
There is no need to post LINKS ! your Website can be accessed via the WWW button or the Members Websites section.

10, Rules Enforcement
It is the responsibility of each member to abide by these rules. If they are broken you will be warned and possibly removed from the forum if you continue to disobey the rules.
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Rules & Guidelines

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